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Why Employees Prefer Coworking Spaces to Traditional Offices

November 24, 2021

During the pandemic, we were forced to change the way we live and work. Some of us used coworking spaces that allowed for small groups of people to work alongside each other. Others were able to work from home for the first time or more than they had in the past. There was a split between people who felt motivated working from home and those who believe that they are more productive when working in a space filled with other people (despite the potential distractions).

Reflecting on how and where we work has led us to contemplate what option is genuinely best in terms of production and our well-being. A brighter light has been shined on the decades-old debate of what’s a better choice, working in traditional office spaces or coworking spaces?

What Are Coworking Spaces?

Coworking spaces are shared workspaces but on a smaller scale. They are an affordable office space option without the costs associated with leasing or renting an entire office. Coworking spaces are an excellent place to get some work done while also getting out of your home. These spaces are more private than a coffee shop and offer solitude to you and your coworkers.

Who Typically Uses Coworking Spaces?

Although there isn’t an established list of folks who commonly use coworking spaces, certain occupants prefer this workspace style. A few examples of these people include:

  • Freelancers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Start-ups
  • Small teams

Why Do Employees Prefer Coworking Spaces to Traditional Offices?

There are several reasons why coworking spaces have become a more viable workplace option over traditional office spaces, including:


Renting or leasing an entire office can be very costly. Plus, there are associated costs, such as water, hydro and communications. Renting a coworking space allows you to only pay for the space you need, and you can allocate those funds to more crucial elements of your business.


Besides costing less, many coworking spaces allow for flexibility regarding how and when you pay. Some spaces will enable you to pay daily or monthly fees. This flexibility can help you budget better, which is great for start-ups or companies with little financial wiggle room. These spaces are also great for being able to choose your work hours without intruding on others. There are even add-on items, such as if you require a desk all the time or are okay sharing one with someone from another space.

Office-Like Amenities

Many coworking spaces have amenities that you would generally find at a typical office, such as kitchens, lunchrooms, coffee makers, water dispensers, etc. These conveniences can help keep you from having to go out and come back repeatedly during the day so that you can stay focused on your work.


The chance to use shared spaces like a kitchen or lunchroom grants you the opportunity to network and possibly establish relationships within the coworking space. A chance encounter could lead to both parties learning something new and exchanging ideas. Since various professions utilize these spaces, they can become think tanks for creativity.

A Community Atmosphere

Besides networking, coworking spaces can help create a culture of creativity and inclusiveness between the people utilizing the spaces. This can be a real benefit to anyone who typically works at home or alone but enjoys being around others.

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