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Tips to Be Productive at Your Shared Office

September 15, 2020

Shared office space offers a conducive environment for young startups to grow with advanced infrastructure, top talent availability, and low operational costs.


However, work productivity is one factor employers are concerned about as you’ll be sharing space with many other small teams. In this post, we’ve rounded up essential tips to stay productive in your coworking space.

#1 Create a Daily To-Do List

Make it a habit, before starting your day’s work, prepare a to-do list. This will hardly take a few minutes, but will considerably boost your day’s productivity. 


Not having a to-do list means you have no goals; it is like a soccer player who doesn’t know where the opponent’s goal post is. Knowing what to do, you’ll be less distracted and focused to accomplish the tasks. 


Creating your daily schedule not only makes you more productive but also ensures you don’t burn out with too much workload in a single day. And don’t forget to take regular breaks to keep your mind & body fresh for new challenges. 

#2 Connect with Coworkers Only For Productive Stuff

Productive Stuff


One of the significant aspects of working in a shared office space is interacting with like-minded people and exchanging thoughts/ ideas. 


But, ensure you don’t indulge in long conversations, causing distraction at work, Keep the topic of discussion within the subject of work to make the most of your working hours. 


However, you can talk about anything, from politics to sports, during breaks. 

#3 Reward Yourself

Wherever you achieve something, a small goal or grabbing a big deal, make sure you reward the team or yourself if you’re a freelancer. 


This will allow you to stay productive at your workspace and even motivated to deal with bigger challenges.

#4 Maintain a Clean Workspace

An unorganized and dirty workspace is a reflection of what’s going in your mind. Even if everything is under control, a cluttered work desk may demotivate you, negatively impacting your efficiency. 


Tidy up your workstation and the surroundings, from time to time, especially if you’ve quent meetings with clients in the same office. 

#5 Keep a Tap on Your Daily Performance

Sometimes, even a well-crafted plan doesn’t work. So, it is of paramount importance to keep a track of your daily performance to identify what’s making you productive and whatnot. 

#6 Your Routine Doesn’t Have to Be Monotonous



There’s nothing more devastating for productivity than a monotonous work schedule.  Firstly, don’t work for long hours straightforwardly, take short breaks, a walk for ten to fifteen minutes will undoubtedly rejuvenate your mind. 


When planning your schedule, have room for a new task; this will allow you to maintain your energy levels; whereas a monotonous routine will make you a machine with no creativity.  


Indulge in small team activities if you have a small startup.

Final Words

Selecting the right co-working space is crucial to your productivity. Ensure that your space is comfortable working-in; you are getting all the necessary amenities, a conference room,  washroom, and regular refreshments. 


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