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Software & Tools for Small Businesses

September 14, 2023

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At Venture X Canada, we understand the importance of leveraging the right tools to enhance productivity, collaboration, and communication. In today’s digital age, small businesses are presented with a plethora of software options designed to streamline operations and foster a conducive work environment. In this blog, we’ll delve into some of the best tools for small businesses that can help you and your team excel in your daily tasks.


Tech Tools to Help Your Work Better:

Employee Recognition Tools

Project Management & Team Collaboration Tools

Copywriting and Editing Tools

Design Tools

AI Tools

Productivity Tools


Tools for Employee Recognition

Kudos: Designed to appreciate and engage team members, Kudos is a platform that emphasizes the importance of recognition in fostering a positive work culture.

Bounsly: This platform, starting at $3 per user/month, facilitates peer-to-peer employee recognition, allowing team members to reward each other for their contributions. With real-time people analytics, businesses can gain insights into team dynamics and morale.

Nectar: Also starting at $3 per user/month, this straightforward platform, Nectar makes employee recognition effortless. It includes a reward redemption feature to incentivize excellence.


Project Management & Team Collaboration Tools Free to use with limitations, this comprehensive document collaboration and knowledge-sharing platform is perfect for small teams looking to centralize their information.

Filestage: Streamline the review and approval process of creative content with Filestage, ensuring that all stakeholders are on the same page. Filestage offers a limited free version that allows for 2 active projects.

Chanty: A free-to-use team collaboration tool with video calling and task management.

Whereby: Whereby Meetings is a tool that connects remote teams so that it feels like you’re all in the same room without downloading an app. Get 1 room on their free plan with up to 100 attendees per meeting and unlimited one-on-one meetings. You can also add remote video meeting functionality to your website with Whereby Enabled.

Nextiva: A paid team communication tool for all your conversations, calls, and emails in order to reduce app fatigue.

Nifty: Combining project management, team communication, and document creation, Nifty is the all-in-one solution for businesses seeking streamlined operations. Nifty also helps users prevent burnout and app fatigue by not having to switch between apps for docs, chats, tasks, and other tools.

Flock: A free-to-start tool for small teams that provides video calling, messaging, file sharing, and task management. Flock helps prevent errors and miscommunication that come with messy emails, chats, and text-based communication.

Trello: Visualize your workflows and manage projects efficiently with Trello’s intuitive board-based system. Trello has a free version with up to 10 boards to get you started.


Tools for Copywriting and Editing

Grammarly: An AI-powered writing assistant that ensures your content is grammatically sound and free from spelling errors.

Quillbot: Rewrite sentences and paragraphs effortlessly with Quillbot’s free paraphraser tool. Quillbot also has a grammar and plagiarism checker, a citation generator, a translator, an AI co-writer, and a summarizer.


Design Tools

Canva: A user-friendly graphic design platform, Canva empowers businesses to create stunning visual content. The free version has limitations, including limited elements, images, and videos.

Creatopy: Design captivating online banner ads, social media ads, and video ads with Creatopy’s intuitive interface. This paid tool starts at $24 per month with a free 7-day trial available.




AI Tools A content creation tool leveraging AI-driven templates for consistent, quality content. Write blogs, emails, and social media posts without needing to write out detailed prompts.

ChatGPT: A conversational AI tool that can be used to create a variety of written content or explain and simplify complex topics.

Lumen5: An AI content creation tool for quickly making engaging videos. Use the templates available and stock video and imagery or include your own content for simple, yet effective short videos.

Hootsuite’s OwlyWriter AI and Quickly create effective social media content with this AI tool that takes your top posts and generates similar ones. You can also use the link shortener tool to make long links useable on platforms like Instagram.



Tools to Help You Focus & Stay Productive

A soft murmur: Create your own blend of white noise and calming sounds to help you stay focused.

Freedom: A tool to help you control which apps you have access to while trying to focus.

RescueTime: Track your work patterns and stay on course with RescueTime.



How Tech Tools Can Assist Hybrid & Remote Workers

Professionals navigating hybrid and remote work environments rely on technology to keep them connected and on track. Tech tools, ranging from collaboration software to communication platforms help enhance efficiency, productivity, and overall work quality. For those in hybrid or at-home settings, these tools are especially essential for improving focus, streamlining communication, and ensuring seamless collaboration.

Beyond the digital realm, coworking spaces offer a tangible solution to some of the challenges of remote work. These spaces not only provide a distraction-free environment to enhance focus, but also foster connections and collaboration with others. Socializing in the workplace can also help boost productivity, making coworking spaces an ideal choice for remote and hybrid workers looking to work efficiently and meet new people.

Equipping yourself or your business with the right tools can make a huge difference in your day-to-day life. For more productivity tips, tools, and insights, explore our blog page.