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Six Ways Coworking Spaces Resolve Work from Home Fatigue

September 28, 2021

Some workers have had more trouble adjusting to remote work than others. Even those who have managed to thrive in our ‘new normal’ could be feeling work from home fatigue. If you can relate, then a coworking space might be the solution you need to re-energize your work life.

A Place for Work-Life Balance

One of the most common challenges associated with working from home is unplugging after work. You may feel compelled to address work-related responsibilities immediately because your workspace and home have become blended.

Contrast this with coworking spaces. Going to a dedicated, single-purpose workspace allows you to shift your mindset. Coworking spaces have all the environmental cues that encourage focused work and establish a clear boundary between work and home.

Avoid Multitasking

One benefit of clear boundaries between work and home is a decrease in multitasking. You may be working one moment at home, then need to help out with the kids or answer the doorbell. Knowing that household chores are waiting outside your home-office door can distract you.

No wonder people feel fatigued.

Multitasking can be an issue in offices too, where coworkers from other departments interrupt your workflow with questions or because they need assistance with their own tasks.

Coworking spaces remove you from these energy-sapping situations and allow you to fully focus on the task at hand.

Structure Your Day

The boundary between work and home is an important structure to your day. Your commute to your coworking space provides a clear transition from personal to productive time. Shared workspaces can also help you reconnect with your previous office-going routines.

Motivating Environments

Many people find the presence of other professionals motivating. Look around a coworking space, and you will see professionals working hard or taking a well-earned break in designated areas. This community of committed individuals will keep you engaged throughout your workday.

Expand Your Network

It requires a special effort to network while working remotely, but it is one of the chief benefits of a coworking space! Joining a coworking space will immediately provide you with opportunities to meet with professionals within and outside your industry.

Be Social

Loneliness is another big challenge associated with working from home. Thankfully, positive developments in pandemic response have made it possible to regain the social lives we found in our traditional workplace offices.

Coworking spaces are designed to facilitate connections by providing quiet workspaces and more relaxed areas. You can meet with new people or reconnect with old friends and coworkers. Either way, this can help you have a more meaningful work experience than is possible when alone in a home office.

See for Yourself

Working from home was a necessary response to ensure public safety. But now, the best way to take care of yourself may be to plan for what comes next. Many enterprises are shifting towards more remote work, which could mean more work from home fatigue.

If you would like to learn more about how coworking spaces can alleviate working from home, please contact us. The Venture X team is more than happy to answer your questions or even book a tour for you to view our coworking facilities.