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Seven Reasons Coworking Spaces Are Important for Enterprises

July 22, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted enterprises across the globe to reconsider the nature of work. As the world begins to open up, coworking spaces are emerging as one solution to help define a better way of working.


But shared workspaces are nothing new. In 2015, Harvard Business Review published an article on how people “thrive” in coworking spaces. Consider revisiting the idea of shared workspaces to learn how your business can thrive in a post-pandemic world.


1. Community

Imagine this: you have a productive but challenging morning. So, you grab a free coffee from the café and strike up a conversation with someone from another industry. Their perspective inspires you to alter your approach, and you return to your desk, invigorated.

At Venture X Canada, our coworking spaces are designed to facilitate this type of interaction. Quiet workspaces and more relaxed areas bring diverse professionals together so that they can enrich each other’s perspectives and spark creativity.

Prolonged remote work has people pining for traditional offices, but the coworking communities that emerge in a shared workspace are even more rewarding.


2. Networking & Collaboration 

There is a bonus to the scenario outlined above: networking! A vibrant coworking community provides natural networking opportunities every day. Working in the same building as people from other industries allows for quick collaboration and unique solutions.


3. Energy

Encouraging these connections brings a creative edge to our members. The benefits of collaboration extend beyond shared projects. Regular exposure to new ideas builds creative thinking and can spark entrepreneurial energy.


4. Connection

We support these networking possibilities by offering a variety of events and parties for members. This brings the coworking community together so that they can continue to build meaningful connections.



5. Flexibility

Remote work offers flexibility that allows certain personalities to thrive. Our coworking spaces are open twenty-four hours a day, meaning freelancers and employees can keep hours that fit their life.

Enterprises can also scale their businesses more easily. Long-term leases can constrain a growing business, but Venture X provides upscale, professional space that can match the changing demands of your organization.



6. Structure

Sometimes working from home feels less like fitting your work schedule around your life and more like needing to do everything at once. Dedicated workspaces bring structure to your day.


7. Core Offers

Coworking spaces take care of maintenance for you. Cleaning and maintenance are included with your membership, and so are other amenities like high-quality Internet. With these concerns taken care of, you can invest your time and resources into developing the core offers that your enterprise is built on.

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The best way to learn more about how coworking spaces can improve your work culture is by experiencing it yourself.


Schedule a tour of our facilities so that you can see how our shared workspaces can add focus, creativity, and collaboration to your enterprise. You can start by reaching out to us through the contact section of our website to schedule a tour or learn more.