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How a Virtual Office Will Transform Your Business

June 10, 2020

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, heading into your workplace is no longer an option for a large portion of the population. We’re all trying to find ways to make the most of this time and continue to grow our businesses. A virtual office can help you bridge the gap between working from home and the structure of an office.


The traditional working environment is quickly becoming a thing of the past. With the increase of remote workers and the recent forced shift to working from home, businesses are scrambling to find ways to keep their companies running as close to normal as possible.


As Coworking Resources states, “work is no longer the place you go to, but rather the tools, skills, and devices you need to have to complete a task, no matter where your location is.” More and more businesses are discovering the benefits of coworking spaces and virtual offices instead of traditional office space.


What is a virtual office?


A virtual office is defined as “the operational domain of any business or organization whose workforce includes a significant proportion of workers using technology to perform their work at home.” While all you need for a virtual office is an internet connection and plan to collaborate with your team, a virtual office membership can help build your business.


A virtual office membership with Venture X Canada gives you access to a professional and prestigious business address, mail and package handling, use of our conference rooms, and access to our active online coworking community.


Man sitting on green chair working from virtual office


Why use a virtual office?


Still unsure if a virtual office is right for you? Here are some of the most impactful benefits that a virtual office can provide to your business.


Save on overhead costs


Compared to a traditional, physical office, a virtual office is extremely cost-effective. A physical office comes with a laundry list of overhead costs that affect both the business owner and team members. From rent, utilities, office equipment, a receptionist, and maintenance fees to transportation, commuting, work attire, and relocation expenses—a lot of money is tied up in having a physical office.


A virtual office gives you a prestigious address, a community manager, and so much more at just a fraction of the cost. Instead of paying exorbitant fees, you can reinvest those funds into what is most important—growing your business.


Make a professional impression


When you decide to move away from a traditional office, you may worry about what kind of impact this will have on your clients. With a virtual office, you are given an individualized business address that you can add to business cards, marketing materials, and use to establish a professional presence.


If you work from home, this is particularly important. If you consider your residential address as your base for operations, it is not always convenient for conducting business and doesn’t look particularly professional when someone Googles your address.


With a virtual office membership at Venture X Canada, you’re also given day passes and access to conference rooms so you can hold clients meetings in a professional setting. Even if you never need to enter the shared workspace, having a professional address adds to the validity of your business to potential clients.


Use mail forwarding to your advantage


In our current social landscape, social distancing has had an impact on almost every business, globally. One of the unseen benefits of virtual office membership is that you can have your mail forwarded to any address. If your office is closed, a mail forwarding service ensures that your mail will be safely handled and delivered to your home address, so you can rest easy.


Woman in front of her computer working virtually


Build a highly-qualified, international team


With a virtual office, you don’t have to limit your hiring pool to your physical area. You can open up your new hires to anywhere in the world, giving you access to a larger number of qualified candidates. For the same reasons, you can also work with clients across the globe.


Rediscover work-life balance


Not only does a virtual office cut costs for employees, but it also lets them work from anywhere in the world. Team members will have more flexibility with where they work, how they work, and potentially when they work. This will undoubtedly lead happier teams and a better work-life balance.

Have the flexibility to grow your business


With a virtual office, you will not tied down to a lease, to a physical space or to a specific number of desks. When it comes time to grow your business, you won’t be faced with the need to move to a larger office, increase your rent, or break a lease—all you need to do is onboard new team members to your virtual office and continue as usual. The same goes for relocation—your business can be anywhere with a reliable internet connection.


Easily transition to a coworking office space


If you are already using a virtual office membership, moving to a coworking or office workspace membership is a smooth transition that can be easily facilitated without any disruption to your business. With a variety of affordable office space solutions, Venture X Canada is here to help support you in scaling your business.


Working remotely from computer at home


Make the move to a virtual office


Virtual offices have been popping up more and more in response to the growing number of businesses that are shifting their operations to outside of the typical office setting.


With a virtual office membership, you’re free from an expensive commercial lease, but still benefit from a professional, corporate mailing address and location tied to your business.


At Venture X Canada, our virtual office membership is perfect for establishing a professional address you can share with clients, having your mail handled, expanding your brand’s local footprint, and becoming part of our in-person and online community. Memberships start at $100/month—for more information, contact us today.