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Easy Ways to Exercise While Working at A Coworking Space

June 22, 2022

Getting daily exercise while you work can be difficult, especially in a coworking space. The Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada recommends 150 minutes of moderate to intense activity per week but notes that the activity doesn’t need to be long, non-stop sessions. Taking a bit of time each day to exercise and stretch helps manage stress and helps improve energy levels. Here are 4 easy ways to exercise while working in a coworking space.

1. Try a Relaxing Yoga Class

Yoga is a great way to keep yourself active, stretch out your body and relax after a long workday. There are tons of free classes online you can follow that use minimal space or can be done from a chair without a mat. Yoga involves great stretches for your wrists, back, shoulders, and neck that help relieve stress and pain from working at a desk all day.

2. Go for Frequent Walks

Taking a nice outdoor or indoor stroll is a great, easy way to get in some exercise and give your eyes a break from your screen. Walk around the building, get a coffee from the kitchen area, or grab a snack across the street for a quick exercise burst. You could also consider walking, biking, or taking public transportation to work. Don’t have time for a long stroll? Walking while you take phone calls is a great multi-tasking exercise trick for busy office workers.

3. Incorporate Exercise into Your Workday

Try incorporating exercise into your day with these tips and tricks:

  • Stand at your desk or replace your chair with an exercise ball for an easy way to add more movement into your day.
  • Use the stairs! Skip the elevator whenever possible to get in extra steps each day.
  • Take frequent stretch breaks. Taking a few minutes to stretch every 20-30 minutes is important for those working all day at a desk. Set reminders or an alarm to make sure you don’t forget.
  • Eat while you work and exercise on your lunch break. Take a quick workout class on your lunch break occasionally and eat while checking your emails or reviewing work to save time.

4. Exercise in Really Short Bursts

Try doing 60-Second Aerobics or less intense bursts of exercise like one-legged squats, butt kicks, burpees, jumping jacks, wall sits, lunges, planks, or push-ups. Doing 60-second bursts of heart rate-increasing activity can improve your heart’s ability to go from resting to active – increasing longevity and improving your overall health.


Venture X makes coworking work for you with flexible plans and lots of options to choose from. Working in a co-working space offers lots of alternative exercise options for the active worker. Plus, many Venture X locations offer occasional events including exercise classes like yoga classes. Visit our blog page for more insights on coworking spaces and tips on work-life balance.


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