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Location Spotlight: Venture X Richmond Hill Offers More Than Just Shared Office Space

April 22, 2021

When Errol Da-Ré decided to develop a coworking facility in Richmond Hill, he knew entrepreneurs would want more than just office space. His vision was to design a workspace where people could easily and naturally interact and express their creativity in an environment that fosters collaboration.


As Da-Re stated in an interview with Yorklink.ca “Coworking is a lot more than four walls and your laptop. It’s a collaborative entity, with the opportunity to learn about other industries.” It’s a place to share ideas, learn and grow.


Da-Ré partnered with Venture X, an international coworking organization that began developing sites around the world in 2012. Venture X is locally owned but globally connected and is focused on building a shared office space that hosts a vibrant community of professionals from across business sectors.


The 17,500 square-foot Venture X Canada coworking facility in Richmond Hill opened its doors in October 2020. Located in Beaver Creek Business Park near Highway 7, 404 and 407, the shared office space offers 54 offices (designed for 1-10 people), meeting rooms, and common spaces. It’s located in a “perfect spot” because of its proximity to highways and other businesses.


Da-Ré said he was excited to see people from different industries come together in one location. “I love it when I see two people talking from completely different categories. You’ve got a lawyer talking to a digital software professional. That’s where conversations get interesting. That’s what we’re trying to build here”.


Like most business owners, Da-Ré has faced challenges because of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, he is optimistic about future opportunities as companies commit to allowing their employees to work in spaces outside of the downtown core. “I think organizations will give employees more of a say about where they work and where they can be most productive. That important dialogue is taking place, especially now that working remotely has become so commonplace.”


Venture X Canada has several flexible month-to-month membership plans that do not require a contract. Members can decide on a plan that fits their needs and budget with open desk, private office, and virtual office options. For those on the fence about coworking spaces, Da-Ré said he encourages them to experience the Richmond Hill location for a few days before they make a commitment.


Venture X Richmond Hill offers a work experience and environment where people can thrive, and entrepreneurs have maximum flexibility. It’s not a one-size-fits-all. The space can be utilized to meet the exact needs of each business.


Venture X is setting out to redefine how work is done. With collaboration at its core, it is creating an atmosphere where members from different professions and experiences come together in one vibrant, creative and productive community.


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